Bed Rails For Seniors | Adult Bed Rails For Elderly

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Bed Rails for Seniors

Bed support rails or bed safety rails are essential for seniors to get in and out of the bed. Having adult bed rails installed at your bedside can greatly reduce the chance of falling during the night. You cannot always be there for your loved one. They will get up during the night to use the bathroom. You need the peace of mind knowing they will be safe even if they attempt to get up.

Danger of Entrapment

Typically bed rails for elderly users can be very dangerous as they can cause entrapment. Our unique products eliminate the danger of entrapment. This is because our bed rails are not attached to the bed. The Independence Rail will allow them to get up and down from their bed and make difficult transfers possible. It also allows the individual the ability to walk short distances. We recommend at least a 2-foot space between the bed and the rail system in order to allow the user to safely transfer.

Quality and Savings

All of our products are made of heavy gauge steel. You know you are getting the highest quality when you buy from Fall Guys Products. Our products are heavy and well built. We do not sacrifice quality just to save money on shipping. Also, we do not charge you shipping for any of our products. Enjoy Free Shipping for all your purchases at our store!

The Difference

Our bed assist rails allow the user to get up holding onto a solid steel piece. It doesn’t move even if when they are moving. Most commonly our bed assist bars are installed right next to the bedside, but can also be customized to fit your needs. This assist rail can be made into a pathway that can lead a user right into the bathroom if needed. Our bed rails support ceiling heights of up to 10ft with extenders.

The Best Product on the Market

Our product is ideal Whether you are recovering from an illness, have weakness of gate, or are recovering from a hospital stay. I strongly encourage you to give our unique bed rails for seniors a try. If you are looking for the best product on the market to keep you or your loved one safe at home then look no further. The Independence Rail by Fall Guys Products will provide the solid steel support you need.