Independence PoleTM

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Fall Guys Products Independence Pole

The Fall Guys Products Independence PoleTM is a revolutionary transfer device designed to help you stand, improve your mobility and for moving in and around your bed.

Independence Pole Features

Floor To Ceiling Tension

The Independence Pole is designed so that it tightens between your floor and ceiling. It can be installed in minutes. Simply turning the screw located at the bottom of the pole will tighten the pole for easy installation. As the screw is tightened the pole will expand and create enough tension to hold the pole in place. Rubber pads at the top prevent damage to your ceiling.

Use stud finder to locate joists in ceiling to install screws. Product must be bolted to ceiling with included screws to ensure product stability.

Support You Need

The Independence Pole is sturdy and secure and doesn’t move even if you do. The Independence Pole will provide you with the strong stable support you need and depend on.


Fresh and modern design will fit nicely in your room.

Pole Material

The Independence Pole is made of heavy gauge steel, with a white powder coat finish.

Weight Capacity

The Independence Pole is able to support 300 pounds to 136kg.

Hygienic Grip Material

The Independence Pole grip is made of a gray, premium high quality rubber. The grip is easy to clean. The design will allow users to have a firm grip at all times with transfers and walking.

Ceiling Heights
89.5″ to 100″ / 7-feet 5.5″ to 8-feet 4″

Do not extend the base screw 6 inches beyond the end of the pole.
For anyone with ceiling heights above 100 inches you will need our Pole Extender.

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